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New Neighbor?

Moving to Bluewater Cove? We want to send you a welcome packet with all the information you will need regarding Bluewater Cove. Click HERE to fill out the new neighbor form.

Clubhouse Rental?

Need to rent the Clubhouse for your event?  Check the event calendar to see if its available on the date you need it and EMAIL us to reserve.

HOA Documents

Listed below are all documents that pertain to Bluewater Cove:

Bluewater Cove Homeowners Association covenants

Amendment #1 (2004) to the original covenants

Amendment #2 (2009) to the original covenants

Amendment #3 (2009) regarding “The Oaks” on Lowery Lane

Bluewater Homeowners Associations Articles of Incorporation

Bluewater Homeowners Association By-Laws

Bluewater Cove Rules and Regulations