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New Neighbor?

Moving to Bluewater Cove? We want to send you a welcome packet with all the information you will need regarding Bluewater Cove. Click HERE to fill out the new neighbor form.

Clubhouse Rental?

Need to rent the Clubhouse for your event?  Check the event calendar to see if its available on the date you need it and EMAIL us to reserve.

HOA Background

Bluewater Cove (BWC) HOA is a corporation formally incorporated in the state of North Carolina.  See BWC By-Laws

We are governed by a set of By-Laws.  See BWC By-Laws

Who we are and the votes that we have are determined by the Plats established by the developer, Bluewater Associates.  See original plat. See original plat.

The number of lots that you own on the plat determines the number of votes you have in the corporation and the dues that you pay.  You pay one set of dues for each numbered lot shown on the plat.  You may pay one tax bill for two adjoining lots on the plat.  However, you still must pay dues on each numbered lot showing on the recorded plat in the Carteret County Office of Deeds.  The plat is part of our governing  documents.  The only thing that can change the plat is a vote of the corporation in which 67% of the members agree to make a change.  It must be done at special meeting which has the change listed on the agenda.  The special meeting must be advertised according to our By-Laws.

Everyone who buys a lot in Bluewater Cove becomes an automatic member of the corporation (BWC HOA Association).  You can cannot opt out of membership.  By being a member of the association in good standing with your dues paid, you are entitled to enjoy the common areas of the Association, including the boat ramp, boardwalk, and swimming pool. You can also vote according to the number of lots that you own.

The HOA is also governed by a set of restrictive covenants which you agree to abide by when you buy a property in Bluewater Cove. See original BWC Restrictive Covenants.  The covenants tell you what kind of house you can build and control how your house will look.  They also tell you some things that you are not supposed to do like having a boat over 21ft long, having clotheslines, using ATVs, or raising livestock.

It should also be noted that Bluewater Associates, the developer had the By-Laws and the Restrictive Covenants written for the Bluewater Cove HOA.  They also created and recorded the plats which define the association and who will pay dues.  It was their responsibility to make certain that everything was done correctly.

The covenants may be amended.  However, it takes 67% of all HOA members to amend the covenants in a special meeting with the amendment of covenants on the agenda.  Ours were amended in 2004 for stormwater issues & in 2009 to prohibit the parking of boats in driveway. See 2004 amendment to covenants.  See 2009 amendment to covenants which changes boat parking.  See January 2009 amendment 2 that sets 2000 square foot minimum for Lowrey Lane lots and allows steel roofs.

The corporation may also enforce reasonable rules.  In 2014-15 Annual Meeting, the BWC Association adopted these rules for the community.  See Bluewater Cove Rules amended June 5, 2015.

We are also governed by a number of laws including but not limited to the Planned Community Act.

Bluewater Cove was developed by Bluewater Associates of Emerald Isle, North Carolina.  Not only did they develop the subdivision but they also had a management agreement with the association.  See most recent management agreement.  The management agreement expired June 19, 2015, but Bluewater Associates stopped providing services in May of 2015.  Bluewater Associates was the manager of the Association from the beginning of the Association in 2005 until they turned over operations to the homeowners in May of 2015.

Presently, the neighborhood holds a yearly election at our annual meeting to elect new board members.  Being on the board is 100% voluntary and unpaid.  We are all neighbors and want to keep our community nice by following the rules set forth in our covenants.