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New Neighbor?

Moving to Bluewater Cove? We want to send you a welcome packet with all the information you will need regarding Bluewater Cove. Click HERE to fill out the new neighbor form.

Clubhouse Rental?

Need to rent the Clubhouse for your event?  Check the event calendar to see if its available on the date you need it and EMAIL us to reserve.


Bluewater cove offers wonderful amenities to its members including a boat launch, day dock, boat storage facility, swimming pool, pond, and clubhouse.  These amenities are available for use to any lot/homeowner who is current on their homeowners dues.  The HOA is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these amenities.

In order to keep these amenities in good usable condition we ask the following of each lot/homeowner.

Each owner is responsible for the proper conduct of members of his family, guests and service personnel.  He should be certain they understand and observe all rules and regulations.

Only guests spending the night with a homeowner are permitted use of our amenities without being accompanied by a homeowner or lot owner.  A homeowner or lot owner must accompany any guest from outside of Bluewater Cove not spending the night in Bluewater Cove while the guest uses any of our amenities.

Current members Bluewater Cove HOA owning a lot are welcome to bring family or friends as guests as long as a LLC member personally accompanies the guests.  The LLC member should be listed on the current year’s NC LLC form.

All owners should be mindful that the HOA is established so that everyone living in Bluewater Cove can enjoy all the amenities.  Any issues which need attention of the HOA Board should be submitted either in writing by letter or email.