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New Neighbor?

Moving to Bluewater Cove? We want to send you a welcome packet with all the information you will need regarding Bluewater Cove. Click HERE to fill out the new neighbor form.

Clubhouse Rental?

Need to rent the Clubhouse for your event?  Check the event calendar to see if its available on the date you need it and EMAIL us to reserve.

Boat Launch

Bluewater Cove provides a boat launch and freshwater wash down hose to its residents.  Here are the rules for utilizing this amenity.

  1. Boat launch is only to be used by Bluewater Cove lot/homeowners, unless the lot/homeowner is accompanying a guest
  2. Boats 21 feet or less may be launched from the boat launch
  3. Cars/Trucks with trailers may be parked in the common area to the right of the boat launch but may not remain overnight, no parking of car/trucks with trailers in the pool parking area
  4. Boats and jet skis should not be tied off in the boat launch area unless the owner is loading or unloading their boat or jet ski
  5. Wash down is to be used for quick wash down of equipment, not to be used for full wash down of boats and jet skis
  6. Be considerate of other lot/homeowners who are waiting to launch or load their equipment if you are using the ramp
  7. All areas around the boat launch, day dock, to the mouth of Raymond’s Gut (at the White Oak River) are NO WAKE zone