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New Neighbor?

Moving to Bluewater Cove? We want to send you a welcome packet with all the information you will need regarding Bluewater Cove. Click HERE to fill out the new neighbor form.

Clubhouse Rental?

Need to rent the Clubhouse for your event?  Check the event calendar to see if its available on the date you need it and EMAIL us to reserve.


Q: How does a lot/homeowner get access to the Bluewater Cove front gate?

A: Access to the front gate can be given two different ways:

By remote access which is a cost of $35 each.

By a personnel entry code.

Point of Contact Bluewater Cove gate access is the President BWC at email.

Q: When are meetings held and when do I get notified?

A1: There are two types of meeting that are held:

Annual Meeting. Annual meetings are held every year on the second Saturday in May of each year for the purpose of electing a new HOA board and for the transaction of other business as may be brought to the meeting.

Special Meeting.  Special meetings may be held whenever called by the President or any member of the Board of Directors or by members representing twenty percent (20%) of the membership entitled to vote.

A2: Notice of meetings will be written or printed stating the time, date, and place of the meeting.  All notices will be mailed or delivered to each member of record at the member’s last known address.  The notice of each meeting shall be mailed or delivered not less than ten days nor more than fifty days prior to the date of meeting.

Q:  How much are dues and how much can they be increase at one time?

A: The annual dues are $675 per lot each year.  Lots that share the septic area is $675 plus $185 and may be increased without a vote of the membership by an amount not to exceed ten percent (10%) above the maximum dues for the previous year.

Q:  What happens if I don’t pay my annual dues?

A:  Any dues not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date shall bear interest from the due date at a rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum. Any dues not paid shall have a lien put against the lot/home.

Q: How many pets are allowed?

A: No more than two (2) per household are allowed.

Q: What are some prohibited vehicles?

A:  No off-road vehicles, including but not limited to, go-carts, dirt bikes, mini-bikes, ATVs (2 wheel or 4 wheel) may be operated in Bluewater Cove.  Bicycles and golf carts may be used.

Q: When is the pool open/closed?

A:  Opened from May through October from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Closed from November through April.